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Spearfish Junior League Basketball

Mission Statement

Spearfish Youth Basketball is a non-profit organization providing opportunities for boys and girls grades 1-6 of all ability levels to experience hands-on instruction and competitive basketball. Our mission is to offer youth players the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of basketball through instruction, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, and respect. 

Keys to Success

  • Teamwork Among Spearfish School District
    • Working with all the Spearfish schools and activities department to utilize gym availability and comply with rules and regulations set forth for youth activities.
  • Teamwork Among Program Employees, Board of Directors, Coaches and Parents
    • Communication among all involved in the program about expectations among coaches, parents, league directors and board members. Giving all kids a consistent and enjoyable experience emphasizing skill development and teamwork.
  • Teamwork Among Players
    • Players will learn to work together and support each other during drills and games. Each player will get a chance to play every position and discover the skills and responsibilities needed at each position for the team to be successful.
  • Teamwork Among Parents
    • Communicating with parents league activities and schedules. Encouraging their children to buy-in to the league goal of developing fundamental basketball skills and teamwork.
  • Teamwork Among Teams
    • Respect among teams during practices and games, understanding the importance of developing each player and team to achieve long-term goals of athletic success at the next level.
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